When we apply the concept of “more, the better” in food, it’s usually more in quantity and stronger in flavor.  Stronger flavors are delicious, and it’s better if we can eat more delicious food. 

It must have made a lot of sense when food was not abundant and when humans, like any other animals, had incentives to reap everything they could to increase the odds of survival.  The original purpose of eating was to ingest enough, or optimal amount of nutrients to keep our body up and running. So our body must have been programmed to feel deliciousness when we ate nutrients that would help our body function well. 

However, the situation is a bit different today.

“Deliciousness” is somehow decoupled from nutrients or right amount of food – indeed, we often find non-nutritious (or even harmful) flavors delicious, and end up overdoing before we could stop eating.  “More, the better” is an irresistible temptation that could bring us trouble.

How does that happen?

Probably one of the typical foods that makes us overdo is sugar, because it’s intense sweetness is so irresistible. But surprisingly, humans have lived without sugar for most of their history that spans longer than 100,000 years.  Understanding sugar would help us understand the mystery of deliciousness – nutrition decoupling.

Plum Organics took this question back to where everything starts: baby.  Their “Food Philosophy” states:

Plum was founded on the belief that little ones deserve the very best food from the very first bite. So a group of parents got together and started asking questions. Is white rice cereal really the best first food? Is picky eating a given? Where do taste preference come from?

Plum Organics advocates the importance of giving healthy foods to babies and help them train their taste buds, which are surprisingly resilient.  If you want to align deliciousness and right nutrition and right amount of food, you’d better start from baby…..we all know how it becomes difficult not overdo it once you develop strong dependence on strong flavors such as sugar.

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