The Tokyo Toilet: public restrooms according to 16 Japanese architects & designers 

Japanese are obsessed with bathrooms (do you remember a scene from Lightening McQueen II, in which Mater the tow truck wonders in a super cyber bathroom in Tokyo that boasts gazillions of buttons, sounds and functions?) What if they applied the passion and technology in order to re-imagine public restrooms, one of the most uncomfortable places to be, as they already know how to add lots of ideas for hospitality to bathrooms, which often surprises visitors like Mater?

The Tokyo Toilet is a project by Japan Foundation, through which 16 architects and designers re-imagine the value and potential of public restrooms in parks. As of October 2020, seven of them are completed and available for use. Find out what happens when Japanese hospitality meets design aesthetics and functionality driven by technology.

Shigeru Ban (architect)

Fumihiko Maki (architect)

Nao Tamura (industrial designer)

Masamichi Katayama (industrial designer)

Toyo Ito (architect)

Kengo Kuma (architect)

Sou Fujimoto (architect) – coming in 2021

Kashiwa Sato (designer) – coming in 2021