The MOMAT Exhibition- Window: A Journey of Art and Architecture through Windows (2)

Gerhard Richter, 8 Glass Panels

The exhibition also features “8 Glass Panels” by German artist Gerhard Richter who is considered one of the most important artists today. In this project, Richter uses eight glass panels that are placed at slightly different angles from each other. Are they reflecting images, letting them pass through, or transforming them to something totally different? What is the substance of images anyway?

2012, Collection of WAKO WORKS OF ART
© Gerhard Richter, courtesy of WAKO WORKS OF ART

Roman Signer, Window Shutters

Roman Signer is a Swiss visual artist who works in sculpture, installations and photography/video. In this project, he set three electric fans to operate in turn, endlessly opening and closing windows. Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. Close.

2012, Collection of the Artist
© Roman Signer