The Tokyo Toilet: Shigeru Ban @ Yoyogi Fukamachi Mini Park

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban leveraged state-of-the-art technology to design “transparent” public restrooms that ensure safety and security. But how?

House Vision 2016

At House Vision 2016 – the second of an exhibition series, directed by Kenya Hara and held in Tokyo – prominent architects such as Kengo Kuma, Sou Fujimo and Shigeru Ban collaborated with companies including Toyota, MUJI and Airbnb to explore the potential of next generation living.

Shigeru ban projects in progress: La Seine Musicale

In-depth report: “Projects in Progress” by Shigeru Ban

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban’s “Projects in Progress,” his second solo exhibition held in Tokyo in 2017, featured La Seine Musicale, the Tainan Museum, The Watch Company (Swatch + Omega), and some disaster relief projects among many other ongoing projects.

Demystifying the mysteries of Japanese aesthetics

What’s the common secret behind traditional Zen arts/culture, wabi-sabi, MUJI, Japanese architecture, sushi and Totoro? It’s the unique approach toward nature.

Open House with Condensed Core: House Vision 2016

Architect Shigeru Ban has been actively involved in disaster relief projects in many parts of the world, by designing and providing temporary shelters. When he imagined a next generation house, it became tiny, flexible, mobile, temporary, agile, editable and adjustable.

Shigeru Ban: Disaster Relief as Architecture Projects (2)

Shigeru Ban: Disaster Relief as Architecture Projects

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has been involved in natural disaster relief project for years, which strongly reflects his design philosophy.