The Tokyo Toilet: Kengo Kuma @ Nabeshima Shoto Park

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma introduced “A walk in the woods” for the Tokyo Toilet Project. Five bathroom units are connected by a walk to offer multiple functionalities.

Kuma Kengo Exhibition Five Purr-fect points: Hole

Kengo Kuma exhibition “Five Purr-fect Points for Public Spaces.” The first point is “hole,” but it’s not the kind you imagine. Find out what roles holes play in Kuma’s architecture.

Kengo Kuma Exhibition: Five Purr-fect Points for a New Public Space

Detailed report of the Kengo Kuma exhibition: FIVE PURR-FECT POINTS FOR A NEW PUBLIC SPACE at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

Importance of Small Architecture by Kengo Kuma

Kuma’s book, “Small Architecture,” is full of inspiration that questions the myth of modern architecture, which has become excessively big, hard and alienating. He advocates small architecture as an alternative, due to its boundless potential.

The Kadokawa Culture Museum designed by Kengo Kuma

Architect Kengo Kuma designed the Kadokawa Culture Museum opened in 2020. Kuma made it look as if it was part of the natural geographic formation. Here’s why.