Saiho-ji Zen garden: 1000 years-old amusement park produced by nature

Kare-sansui (Japanese Zen rock garden): ultimate beauty of absence

Kare-sansui (Zen rock garden) is one of the most prominent Zen designs cemented by Zen Master Muso Sosek in 14th century. Find its history and beauty.

Chapter 4: Abundance by absence

“Simplify!” Steve Jobs’ relentless quest for Zen design

Steve Jobs is known to have practiced the Soto-school of Japanese Zen, and is also known to have loved the kare-sansui garden of the Saijo-ji in Kyoto, which was founded by a prominent Zen priest/garden designer in the 14th century. Find how Jobs leveraged Zen philosophy to design simple and minimal Apple products.

Tofukuji kare-sansui by Mirei Shigemori

Japanese artist Mirei Shigemori (1896 – 1975) infused fresh energy into the traditional Japanese Zen rock garden (kare-sansui). Tofuku-ji Hojo garden in Kyoto is one of the most acclaimed works of his that still survives to this day. Find how traditional and modern, classic and avant-garde blend in his work while maintaining the serenity of Zen.

1000 year-old amusement park: Saiho-ji (koke dera)

Saiho-ji (koke dera) is one of the oldest Japanese Zen garden designed by Muso Soseki. Find its breathtaking beauty that also fascinated Steve Jobs.


What is Zen? (2) Zazen and Zen arts