Simple and easy tips to boost your immune system to fight coronavirus (2)

2. Keep your important body parts warm

In the previous post, we mentioned that our immune system works best when our body temperatures are somewhere between 36.5 C (97.7 F) and 37 C (98.6 F).  We also mentioned that you cannot assume your body is warm enough, as the average body temperatures of modern people are in steady decline. They are about 97.5 F today, which is close to the lower boundary of the ideal range.  As small changes in body temperature can change the ability of our body to protect them from viruses, it could be surprisingly effective to keep your body warm. There are a couple of areas you could take a good care of. 

  • Neck: this is where complex cervical spine nerves are concentrated, but it’s not surrounded by a lot of muscles. Not only that, it’s usually exposed without being protected. It helps to keep this incredibly important but vulnerable area warm in order to maintain the strength of your body – it also helps minimizing neck pains. 
  • Belly: this is the area that hosts many important digestive organs. Keeping your belly warm means keeping your digestive system warm. 
  • Feet: cold toes tell you a lot about your body. You may need more exercise, are stressed, or your organs are not working efficiently. Keep your eye on how your toes feel and warm them properly. 

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