“What is wabi-sabi in Japandi?” for smartphone users

This page is an introduction to a full-fledged article about wabi-sabi and Japandi for smartphone users. Please click this link to access full content. 

Are you Googling “wabi-sabi” because you are interested in Japandi – the Japanese/Scandinavian design aesthetic hybrid? Are you confused because you haven’t found the information/inspiration you are looking for? We write a lot about Japanese aesthetics, including wabi-sabi, so we can help!

In addition to learning what wabi-sabi is all about, you could check Zen design, chashitsu (tea room/hut) design, kirei-sabi (elegant version of wabi-sabi), sukiya-zukuri, shoji (traditional Japanese screen door) and Zen rock garden to get inspiration for Japandi. Click the link to read the full content.