Iconic designer chairs in use

Barcelona by Mies van der Rohe

Architect Mies van der Role designed the iconic Barcelona chair for the International Expo in Barcelona in 1929. Almost 100 years later, it’s still shining as star furniture in many lobbies around the world. 

These chairs were spotted in Brussels, Belgium.

Fogia Bollo designed with Andreas Engesvik

Bollo is a product by Fogia, an award-winning Swedish design company and furniture producer. Fogia furniture is crafted by hand from scratch in our own factory in Gdansk, Poland. Fogia Bollo was designed with Andreas Engesvik, designer based in Oslo, Finland whose work range from furniture and tableware to industrial design for international clients. Bollo has a strong character inspired by its heightened level of comfort, with generously shaped cushions and a bold appearance. The soft volumes reach out to embrace the slim metal base, creating an interesting intersection between the base and its cushions.

These chairs were spotted in Oslo, Finland. 

Hiroshima designed by Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa released the armchair “Hiroshima” in 2008 from Japanese woodwork company Maruni. Hiroshima is Fukasawa’s signature chair. Fukawawa was determined to work with Maruni to design a chair that would define his career. At Maruni, woodworkers with exceptional technique to carve wood are now programming computer numerical control (CNC) carving machine to facilitate mass production. Such accumulation of experiences and skills was indispensable to produce Hiroshima. (by the way, Maruni is located Hiroshima prefecture).

These chairs were spotted in Tokyo and Kagoshima, Japan.