How to make gluten-free oatmeal (well, sort of)

I accidentally discovered a combination of two gluten-free products that tastes like oatmeal.

  1. Le Pain de fleurs crispbread  I used “ancient grains.”
  2. KIND cereal  I used Apple Cinnamon.

Simply combine them (1:1 or maybe a little more of le Pain de fleurs) and cook them for a minute or so in hot water, just like oatmeal. You can add small amount of milk if you would like, and of course, some fruits. KIND cereal already has some crunchy nutty ingredients and is sugar coated, so I did not add extra sugar. 

This really tastes like oatmeal! 

KIND cereal and le Pain de fleurs. Gluten-free and yummy.

Just cook them in hot water as if the are oatmeal. I added some berries, so you are seeing red color.