Zero is ancient, but still a powerful concept in today’s economy.  There are brands and organizations that embrace Zero notions such as “less,” ” small” or “absence” and attract enthusiastic customers and fans.  Find how magnetic brands like MUJI, Patagonia and Nissin let limitless beauty emerge without relying on “more” and engage their customers. 

Chapter 1-4: Penguins at the Asahiyama Zoo

November 25, 2017/by zero = abundance

iFixit – rediscover the joy of making and repairing things

iFixit co-founder Kyle Wiens passionately claims: “take something apart that doesn’t work, understand the problem so as you can fix it, and then put back together….is the greatest feeling in the world when it turns on and you know that YOU fixed it. It’s so exciting to know that YOU can control of your own hardware.”
December 10, 2016/by zero = abundance

Chapter 3-6: MUJI Hut

December 1, 2017/by zero = abundance

MUJI solar cooking scale – inspiring everyday product

Many daily household items are not a feast for the eyes, and you are not inspired or excited when you use them. But does it have to be that way? The MUJI cooking scale is just beautiful in design and delivers great functionality (and is semi solar-powered). It is inspiring to find how just one aesthetically pleasing cooking scale can uplift your life.
September 26, 2017/by zero = abundance

Lee Ufan at the STARS Exhibition

January 24, 2021/by zero = abundance

カリフォルニア発NBAウォッチング(30) 八村選手、ルーキーの壁にぶつかる?

ザッポス社内見学ツアー その2

April 28, 2015/by zero = abundance

Toyo Ito and “Home-for-All” (Minna-no-Ie) – Can People Shape Architecture?

Architect Toyo Ito has been on his journey to re-define the purpose of “modern architecture” through his disaster relief efforts following the Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami that affected Northeastern Japan in 2011. Learn about his efforts through his "Home for All" project and the Venice Biennale 2012 Japan Pavilion: "Architecture. Possible here?"
February 15, 2018/by zero = abundance

The evolution of MUJI House

MUJI started in the house supply business in 2004 and announced its 4th product in 2019. Their slow but steady evolution keenly reflects the shift in people's perception on what happiness is all about. Find MUJI's compact, simple and flexible way of life in which you can design your own happiness.
October 13, 2019/by zero = abundance

Japanese aesthetic term “iki” and Ukiyo-e (1)

粋 Iki is an important Japanese aesthetic term that bridges traditional values and modern ones. Look at the Ukiyo-e that showcase the gist of iki.
October 6, 2019/by zero = abundance

Zero perspectives in “Small Architecture” by Kengo Kuma

Kuma's book, "Small Architecture," is full of inspiration that questions the myth of modern architecture, which has become excessively big, hard and alienating. He advocates small architecture as an alternative, due to its boundless potential.
December 2, 2016/by zero = abundance

With Harajuku co-designed by Toyo Ito

October 28, 2020/by zero = abundance