Easy way to eat meat healthy: slice them!

How much meat do you eat per meal? There is an easy way to reduce the amount, and you can do it by tricking your brain to make believe that there is actually more meat than on the plate. Visual effects are significant! So slice the meat, and pile them up, instead of serving steaks. 

If you decide to cut the meat at home, you may want to pick chicken breast since it’s relatively easy. All you need is a good knife (which is very important). Whereas it is not very popular elsewhere, sliced pork and beef are commonly used in Asian food. (Mongolian BBQ, anyone?) You may want to check out local Asian grocery stores to bet them, as it will be more challenging to cut raw pork or beef. 

Today I thin cut chicken breast and rolled cheese and herb. After done rolling, you put a little bit of flour and stir fry. Voila! Kids love this dish. Because it uses cheese and oil for stir frying, it won’t be healthy if you eat a lot of them. But the visual tricks you to eat less and feel full. Also, you could try to roll more ingredients inside the meat in order to reduce the ratio of meat relative to other ingredients.