Chapter 2-7: Activate your taste buds by subtraction – Plum Organics

“Simplify!” Steve Jobs’ relentless quest for Zen design

Steve Jobs is known to have practiced the Soto-school of Japanese Zen, and is also known to have loved the kare-sansui garden of the Saijo-ji in Kyoto, which was founded by a prominent Zen priest/garden designer in the 14th century. Find how Jobs leveraged Zen philosophy to design simple and minimal Apple products.

MUJI Passive house

MUJI house tries to achieve optimal indoor thermal comfort relying on minimum energy. House design (passive design), not just energy efficiency, is the key.

Proudly inefficient: true meaning of “Right to repair”

Defend your “right to repair,” says iFixit. Apple fights back to protect their IP. Why things became this complicated? It’s economic efficiency.

So we’ve lost the game of economic efficiency. Now what?

Rural areas are distressed. Traditional, heritage-rich industry, culture and communities are disappearing. What are the options for all of us to shine?