The MOMAT Exhibition- Window: A Journey of Art and Architecture through Windows (2)

The MOMAT Exhibition- Window held in Tokyo in early 2020 showcased a unique perspective in the relationship of art, architecture and Windows.

The art of “less is more” in music: Tiny Desk Concerts reveal how pure musicianship looks like

The MOMAT Exhibition- Window: A Journey of Art and Architecture through Windows

History of Japanese aesthetics 1: the Heian period and Mono no aware

Roll back the clock 1,000 years to the Heian Era to find the origin of the elusive and ambiguous Japanese aesthetics where the aristocrats explored the culture of “mono no aware.” It is amazing to find how much the aesthetic style had changed, but the fundamentals remain the same to this day.

History of Japanese aesthetics 3: Muromachi and wabi-sabi

History of Japanese asethetics (3) reviews Muromachi era (1336-1573), which coinsided with the early Renaissance in Europe. However, Zen-influenced, minimalist aesthetics were the opposite of Renaissance.

History of Japanese aesthetics 2: the Kamakura period and mujo

History of Japanese aesthetics (2) reviews civil war-ridden Kamakura era (1185-1333) and the aesthetics of mujo, which produced highly philosophical/poetic inward-looking, hermit culture.

Ancient civilizations in the Americas: mesmerizing power of “less is more”

“Less is more” is a design or aesthetic concept that reminds that additional frills do not necessarily guarantee beauty or happiness. But its principle, or the tension between “less” and “more,” is totally universal that it applies to everything people has done in history. Indeed, the conflict between the desire for “more” and “less,” or the reservation toward it, has been what has made our history colorful and thriving on one hand, but violent and tragic on the other hand.

Andy Warhol: The Zen of Pop Art

Horyuji: How do you make wooden buildings that last 2,000 years?

People who built Horyuji, the oldest surviving wood structure, had unbelievably deep knowledge about wood. Better than our technology.