Mask or no mask? Why are religion and science at odds?

Wearing masks didn’t have to become a war over truth, it somehow became a fight between science and belief. Can we change the course?

Who’s good/right and who’s bad/wrong? Discrimination issue through the lens of Buddhism

“All lives matter” somehow became the counterstatement of “Black lives matter,” even though their respective goals are exactly the same. Why do they have to be at odds with each other? Buddhism can shed light by reminding us where we all came from. Those who can admit their shortcomings (as we are all imperfect) are the bravest.

Are you racist? Yes you are, but so am I. We all are.

Let’s face reality: we are all born to discriminate. It’s in our DNA. But our strength can overcome it, as long as we remember where we all came from.

Phil Jackson, the Zen Master of the NBA

Phil Jackson, who coached Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, was know as the “Zen Master” of the NBA. He was introduced to Soto Zen sect in his thirties, which is also what Steve Jobs practiced. It seems that Jackson leveraged the Buddhism concept of middle way and awareness to unleash players’ potential through meditation.

How is Buddhism different from Christianity? A quick guide for dummies

You may know what Christianity is, but not Buddhism. They are like the two sides of the same coin called a pursuit of truth. Even Buddhism sounds elusive, you can get a good grasp of it by comparing it with Christianity. Find out what it is, and what Buddhism is about.

History of Japanese aesthetics 2: the Kamakura period and mujo

History of Japanese aesthetics (2) reviews civil war-ridden Kamakura era (1185-1333) and the aesthetics of mujo, which produced highly philosophical/poetic inward-looking, hermit culture.

What is Zen? (2) Zazen and Zen arts

What is Zen?

Zero (kuu): the core tenet of Zen Buddhism