Saiho-ji Zen garden: 1000 years-old amusement park produced by nature

カリフォルニア発 NBAウォッチング(36): 八村選手、プレイオフ初戦!

カリフォルニア発 NBAウォッチング(32): 八村選手、ディフェンスで急成長

With Harajuku co-designed by Toyo Ito

Are sumo wrestlers fat and sexy?

Why are sumo wrestlers fat? Because it cemented its foundation about 200 years ago, when being big and fat was cool and sexy.

History of Japanese aesthetics for smarphone readers

Japanese aesthetics, simple and minimalist design details and unique appreciation of natural beauty, in 4 concepts: mono no aware, mujo, wabi-sabi and iki.