Demystifying the “Japanese-ness” of KonMari method

While many people are excited about Marie Kondo’s “katazuke” (tidying-up) method, there are a certain number of people who disagre. If you are curious why people react to her so vehemently on both sides, it may help to understand the unique “Japanese-ness” she represents in the niche of decluttering. A hint: cleaning can be philosophical!

Chapter 4-3: Absence in business – Nissin Cupnoodles Museum

Chapter 2-4: Effect of subtraction on your satisfaction

Chapter 2-8: Sparking joy by subtracion – decluttering and minimalists

If it sounds counterintuitive that “having less” results in a happier life; simply flip the coin and think that “owning more” means “more stress to manage.” We are surrounded by too much stuff, information and relationships that are beyond our capacity to manage in comfort. Having less means adjusting your assets to a manageable size.

Happiness through the lens of Minimalists

“Happiness” is elusive. No one knows for sure how to get it. So, we have assumed that “more makes us happier.” But an increasing number of people are realizing that that recipe does not necessarily work. They are starting to reject owning more to feel happier. How can this be possible?

The Zen of Minimalism: How Minimal Design is a Catalyst for Happiness

We tend to think of minimalism as an art movement and a minimalist lifestyle as two separate things, but they share a common philosophy. It has to do with how we leverage our inner ability and potential. Connect the dots among De Stijl, Zen rock garden and “decluttering.”

Where would millennials live when they go minimal?

Millennials are not interested in owning extravagant properties but instead are interested in investing in experiences. Their “ideal” house should look very different from older generation whose dream was to own a big house. What Sou Fujimoto imagined at House Vision may be the answer.

How much is sufficient? “80% Full Product” by MUJI

Pursuing “just right” (not too much, not too little), MUJI uses the slogan “fitness80” to ask what the “just right” level/amount is for humans.

Tune-up your senses at optimal level through decluttering

Tidying up is about subtracting your belongings toward the ultimate essentials. Zero = abundance shares common theme. But there is something deeper.