Is Japanese Cuisine a Paleo or Keto diet?

Traditional Japanese meals can be Paleo diet-like, but modern ones would have some similarities with Keto diet. Find out how to best leverage Japanese food to suit your diet needs.

Furoshiki & Tenugui: Life-sized origami lifehack

Furoshiki and tenugui are traditional Japanese items made of cloth. They come in cool design and unbelievable versatility. Find various ways to use them, not just as gift wraps or wash clothes.

Haruomi Hosono: What it means to be a super adept Japanese musician

After methodically absorbing enormous amount of music and its associated details, if was as if Haruomi Hosono disassembled and dismantled them, stripped away any meanings and produced something that was so minimal, fundamental and universal.

MUJI Food and snacks: small meals extravaganza!

MUJI offers a large selection of food/snacks in Japan, which are like the minimalistic version of Trader Joe’s. Packaged small to upgrade unfairly undervalued “eat alone” experiences, their rich flavors/aroma will lighten your busy day, “Umami” therapy – instead of aroma therapy – anyone?

Forget about taking selfies! The Ghibli Museum, Mitaka, Tokyo

The Ghibli Museum in Tokyo is by no means a small-scale Disneyland. Originally conceived by Hayao Miyazaki and realized by his son Goro Miyazaki, it is a relatively small museum full of peculiar details. You could also watch Ghibli’s original short film, such as “Boro the Caterpillar,” Miyazaki’s latest production.