Takeo Paper Show: Kenya Hara – Packaging for Pierre Herme’s “Ispahan”

Butterfly Stool by Sori Yanagi: 60th Anniversary Exhibition

The exhibition “BUTTERFLY STOOL 60th:カタチの原点 (the groundwork of the form)” focused on how Sori Yanagi, a trailblazing industrial designer in Japan, came up with the idea of a beautifully minimalist stool that consisted of only two pieces of plywood held together by a couple of bolts.

Tadao Ando: A wild beast that refuses to be tamed

Throughout his life, Tadao Ando has been challenging to defy easy/efficient solutions to keep his potential energy large. His architecture let nature and humans collide in extraordinary ways.

Church of the Light by Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando re-created the “Church of the Light,” one of his landmark works he designed in 1989, at the exhibition “Tadao Ando: Endeavors” held in Tokyo in 2017. It is stunning to see how light meets concrete, inside meets outside, and how people face nature through this remarkable piece of architecture.

The Japanese House Chapter 4: House is a work of art

“A House is a work of art.” It is a famous declaration made by a maverick and legendary Japanese architect Kazuo Shinohara (1925-2006) who significantly influenced Japanese modern architecture.

The Japanese House Chapter 5: From closed to open

Kazunari Sakamoto and Toyo Ito led Japanese architecture in the 70’s and the 80’s, experimenting alternative ways to design houses in a drastically changing social environment.

“Simplify!” Steve Jobs’ relentless quest for Zen design

Steve Jobs is known to have practiced the Soto-school of Japanese Zen, and is also known to have loved the kare-sansui garden of the Saijo-ji in Kyoto, which was founded by a prominent Zen priest/garden designer in the 14th century. Find how Jobs leveraged Zen philosophy to design simple and minimal Apple products.

MUJI Passive house

MUJI house tries to achieve optimal indoor thermal comfort relying on minimum energy. House design (passive design), not just energy efficiency, is the key.