Get shou sugi ban inspiration from Japanese architect

Find inspiring shou sugi ban, or 焼き杉, ideas from Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori, who “re-discovered” its beauty that had been forgotten for decades.

Yoshino-sugi Cedar House : Go Hasegawa x Airbnb

Airbnb & Go Hasegawa designed Yoshino Cedar House to re-brand traditional values denied by modern economy. Airbnb helps locals share such values globally.

Re-defining the future of living: House Vision 2016

Shigeru Ban: Disaster Relief as Architecture Projects (2)

Shigeru Ban: Disaster Relief as Architecture Projects

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has been involved in natural disaster relief project for years, which strongly reflects his design philosophy.

“Great Transformation of Architecture”: Toyo Ito and Sustainable Architecture

Ito questions modern architecture, especially public infrastructure, which heavily relies on placing something big, hard and sturdy in-between nature and humans. Modern architecture and infrastructure attempts to draw explicit/irreversible boundaries between nature and humans, and that’s how they block the threats of nature from invading humans’ world.

Zero perspectives in “Small Architecture” by Kengo Kuma

Kuma’s book, “Small Architecture,” is full of inspiration that questions the myth of modern architecture, which has become excessively big, hard and alienating. He advocates small architecture as an alternative, due to its boundless potential.

Tanada Terrace Office: MUJI x Atelier Bow-Wow House Vision 2016

MUJI’s Tanada Terrace Office was developed as an extended office installed in a rural area in order to explore a flexible and organic relationship between urban workers and rural farmers. MUJI employees would work at Tanada Office installed in the outskirt of Tokyo when local farmers need extra hands. Thanks to the technology, we only need a PC and wi-fi connection to perform work.

Grand Third Living: Kengo Kuma x Toyota House Vision 2016

At House Vision, Toyota and architect Kengo Kuma focuses on the mobility of cars. Toyota’s plug-in hybrid Prius is equipped with solar panels and has quite a substantial battery storage. It’s a mobile energy generator.