Peculiar perspective of sustainabile architecture (quick read)

Tents: tiny house for modern nomads

The synchronicity of the tiny house and nomad movement may be telling us that it’s time to go back to the basics. It’s time to remember the spirit of the conic/triangular shape. Fortunately, with state-of-the-art technology, we can transform traditional tents into something more flexible and comfortable enough to fit in modern life style.

Yoshino Cedar House x Airbnb: True sharing enabled by “people”

Yoshino Cedar House is a collaboration between Airbnb and Yoshino-cho, a rural Japanese town in Kansai and a producer of high quality cedar. As it struggles to compete in a global market in which prices and efficiency are everything, this project paves new opportunities for true sharing.

Rental Space Tower by Sou Fujimoto (2): House Vision 2016

Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto is a master of ambiguity. With Rental Space Tower, he blurs boundaries between ownership and rental. New potential emerge.

Peculiar perspective of sustainable architecture

Open House with Condensed Core: House Vision 2016

Architect Shigeru Ban has been actively involved in disaster relief projects in many parts of the world, by designing and providing temporary shelters. When he imagined a next generation house, it became tiny, flexible, mobile, temporary, agile, editable and adjustable.

Yoshino-sugi Cedar House : Go Hasegawa x Airbnb

Airbnb & Go Hasegawa designed Yoshino Cedar House to re-brand traditional values denied by modern economy. Airbnb helps locals share such values globally.

Re-defining the future of living: House Vision 2016