The Many Faces of Noh Masks (Noh-men): Men (otoko) Part 2

Noh masks are us ed for Noh theater, traditional Japanese dance theater which have more than 400 years history. Find a variety of masks used by men characters.

How to make healthy & easy Japanese-style poke bowl

Poke bowl is like sushi – it can become unhealthy if you relish too much “umami-packed sauces” as they probably contain a lot of sodium, sugar, and/or MSG. You can make a healthy, Japanese-style poke at home with minimum cooking at a relatively reasonable budget. Here’s how.

How to use shiso, Japanese mint/basil?

Shiso is dubbed Japanese mint because it belongs to the mint family, but flavor-wise, you might want to consider it as Japanese basil or coriander with a hint of mint. It has distinct “biting” smell a little bit like onions or horse radish, with herb-like aroma similar to coriander and peppermint. I would call it bitter/sour basil. Here’s how you can use it.

Who’s good/right and who’s bad/wrong? Discrimination issue through the lens of Buddhism

“All lives matter” somehow became the counterstatement of “Black lives matter,” even though their respective goals are exactly the same. Why do they have to be at odds with each other? Buddhism can shed light by reminding us where we all came from. Those who can admit their shortcomings (as we are all imperfect) are the bravest.

Architecture after the coronavirus (1)

Architects could play pivotal roles in the post-coronavirus era, as they design social settings that house “togetherness” – our fundamental value threatened by the virus – whether they are office buildings, schools, sports arenas, concert halls, stations or shopping malls. Now that we need to be a lot more careful about getting together, how are they feeling about the next step?