Cold shabu-shabu (rei-shabu) with new crop onions

Shabu shabu is a pot dish that uses thinly sliced meat, usually beef or pork. When you make it cold, it can look more like salad. It’s easy to make and good for a hot summer day! Here’s how you can make it.

Are you racist? Yes you are, but so am I. We all are.

Let’s face reality: we are all born to discriminate. It’s in our DNA. But our strength can overcome it, as long as we remember where we all came from.

Is this fake news? Here’s how to find out

Check out an easy way to filter potential fake news. The method works for any kind of news because it relies on your emotional reaction to the news, rather than the content of the news itself.

White products photo gallery

All kinds of white products, from porcelain to The White Album.