Phil Jackson, the Zen Master of the NBA

Phil Jackson, who coached Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, was know as the “Zen Master” of the NBA. He was introduced to Soto Zen sect in his thirties, which is also what Steve Jobs practiced. It seems that Jackson leveraged the Buddhism concept of middle way and awareness to unleash players’ potential through meditation.

Kengo Kuma: Nagaoka City Hall Aore

Nagaoka City Hall Aore, 2012, designed by Kengo Kuma. The exterior leverages local wood products such as Echiko cedar.

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Rustic, distressed and vintage styles: Photo gallery

Photo gallery of rustic, distrassed and vintage design styles found in California.

Cool Door designs

Cool door designes, from old to modern, found in different places.

遊動の家 (Yudo no ie) by Makoto Tanijiri

遊動の家 (yudo-no-ie) was designed by Makoto Tanijiri for the House VIsion 2016. It showcased a super modern nomadic life style for a person who’d constantly travel around the world.

Rental Space Tower by Sou Fujimoto: Photo gallery

Rental Space Tower was designed by Sou Fujimoto as part of the exhibition “House Vision 2016,” an inspirational initiative spearheaded by Kenya Hara.

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