Yasuhara Wooden Bridge Museum designed by Kengo Kuma

Yasuhara wooden bridge museum (2010) is one of Kuma’s most widely recognized work.

Sori Yanagi’s butterfly stool and the evolution of plywood designer chairs

Japanese industrial designer Sori Yanagi designed the iconic butterfly stool in 1956 by leveraging emerging plywood processing technology.

Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement): no-cost therapeutic hobby

Ikebana, traditional Japanese flower arrangement, is an ideal quarantine-friendly hobby because it requires minimum amount of branches and/or flowers you can find in your backyard. With no costs, you can find your inner Zen and peace of mind.

Kazunari Sakamoto: Machiya in Minase

Kiyonori Kikutake: Sky House

Sou Fujimoto: House NA

Atelier Bow Wow: House & Atelier

Jun Igarashi: Rectangle of Light

Sou Fujimoto: T House