Naoshima: island of art and Tadao Ando architecture that says no thanks to the era of Instagram

Tadao Ando designed 7 buildings for Naoshima project over the course of 30 years: Bennesse House Museum, Bennesse House Oval, Benesse House Park, Beach, Chichu Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum, ANDO MUSEUM and Minami-dera. As Naoshima doesn’t like being on people’s Instagram, get some inspiration from Ando’s philosophy.

Iconic designer chairs in action

MUJI inner wear: super versatile shirts to keep warm

MUJI is known for offering highly functional and durable products for reasonable prices. They offer a variety of inner wear that are perfect to put on under your sweater or shirt to keep your body warm without compromising your passion for fashion.

Curious perspective of Japandi: the many faces of Japanese-Scandinavian crossover

”Japandi” marries Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, “surprisingly” similar two cultures that are far apart. But in reality, it’s a natural crossover and Japanese have had natural affinity toward Scandinavian culture for quite some time. Find curious blends of the two in literature, music, movie and fashion.

Simple or empty? Japanese minimalist design according to Kenya Hara

Simple or minimalist design is often linked with Japanese Zen-influenced design, but how are they different? Conceptually, simple design must be an attempt to re-adjust the relationship between functionalities and additional design elements. More design frills make products fancier and luxurious to lure consumers, but too many of them can become noise.

Coronavirus: we live in the era of EID (emerging infectious diseases)

Coronavirus and other emerging infectious diseases (EIDSs) didn’t emerge from nowhere. Deadly pathogens have been making a significant strides to sneak behind our backs to trigger the outbreak. And believe or not, our economic activities has been helping them all way long.