MUJI house nifty design ideas for small living

MUJI sells houses in Japan that come around 1,000 sq ft. As it advocates “compact life,” MUJI House is full of nifty design ideas for small living, from room design to storage. Find some inspiring ideas.

Kyoto Zen gardens

When Walter Gropius met Japanese architecture: The House of Prof. K Saito by Kiyoshi Seike

When Walter Gropius visited Japan in 1954, he requested to see the “House of Prof K. Saito” designed by Kiyoshi Seike. He described it as a “happy marriage between the tradition of Japanese architecture and modern technology.” Japanese architect/historian Terunobu Fujimori called it the wooden “Farnsworth House.”

Mosst beautiful moss (koke) in traditional Japanese gardens

Moss doesn’t like dry weather and most species love shades. Zen temples such as Saiho-ji and Ginkaku-ji have a traditional Japanese garden that grows beautiful moss.

Wood structure and details of traditional Japanese architecture

Find pictures of wooden structure and wooden details of traditional Japanese architecture – pillars, beams, ceilings, fences and more.