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Although they must be appreciative of the safe environment and reliable food supply, the penguins in a traditional zoo setting may be bored because there is nothing much to do. 

Remember, in the wild the animals are highly trained creatures capable of running,  flying,  swimming, attacking, hiding, investigating…. a wide variety of actions that require sensory, physical and cognitive concentration.

But their potential does not have an outlet in a traditional zoo setting.  

When the penguins were freed during  the “Penguin Walk,” they suddenly became awoken to engage themselves in doing what they are good at.  When they are engaged, they look excited and happy. And it makes visitors excited and happy.

Figure penugin walk

Conceptual State of Penguins during “Penguin Walk”

Hypothesis for Zero = abundance:

The level of satisfaction is not the function of the level of pain and pleasure ONLY.  The level of arousal also plays an important role. 

Figure ZA hypothesis

Interaction of External Stimulus, Satisfaction and Arousal

The level of satisfaction is maximized when external stimulus level (pain/pleasure  dose) is aligned with the optimal arousal level: not too bored, not too stressed. 

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