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In order to understand the kind of satisfaction filling Patagonia’s movie “Worn Wear,” revisiting the definition of “satisfaction” is in order.

According to Sigmund Freud, “People want to become happy (satisfied) and to remain so. This endeavor has two sides, a positive and a negative aim: an absence of pain and displeasure, and experiencing of strong feelings of pleasure.”

Satisfaction is a function of two inversely correlated factors: pain and pleasure. We feel more satisfied when pain is reduced and pleasure is gained.   Pain and pleasure can also be called “external stimulus.”

Figure satisfactionConceptual Relationship of Pain, Pleasure and Satisfaction

You would almost assume that satisfaction level continues growing rightward as civilization progresses and society develops:  1) shielding mechanisms to reduce pain, and 2) production systems to increase pleasure.

The more advanced the society is, the more abundant it becomes, and the more satisfaction it can deliver. 


There is always room for technology improvements.  It is imperative that products and services keep adding something more for greater satisfaction. It is the golden recipe to lure capricious and demanding customers.

Let’s test if this assumption is correct – does less pain and more pleasure always increase satisfaction?


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