The results are super dense and intense vegetables.  Nagata tomatoes sink in the water whereas regular tomatoes float.  They contain extremely high levels of nutrition and sugar (carbs).  And if that’s not enough good news, they are excessively flavorful and rich in taste. 

Floating tomatoUpper: regular tomatoes. Lower: Nagata tomatoes.
Nagata tomatoes sink because they are dense and concentrated.

Just to be clear, Nagata method is not organic.  Organic fertilizer is usually used to amend the soil.  But Nagata farming does not amend the soil much– it is left rocky and arid.  Instead of extensive amendments, Nagata methods provides minimum amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium using liquid fertilizer.

The tables show high nutrient levels of Nagata vegetables.

Comparison of Vitamin C contained in Nagata vegetables and regular vegetables Nagata table1


Comparison of sugar (carbohydrate) contained in regular and Nagata vegetablesNagata table2

Data source:  Terukichi Nagata.  2002.  Oishiisa no Sodatekata.  Japan: Shogakukan

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