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No matter what professional field you are in, you work under an assumption that only “more” can help businesses and social organizations because consumers and stakeholders always want “more,” not “less.” But it’s not necessarily the case. Quite contrarily, the race for “more” can easy drain all us – and is actually draining  and wearing us out as of now – by dragging everyone into the fierce efficiency competition in which every single provider, no matter what they offer, has to keep offering more for less, with no visible ending. It is making the Earth run out of its finite resources, and the world is getting unstable and volatile.

So it makes a lot of sense to re-imagine minimalism, which can be applied to much broader areas than minimalist design or minimalist lifestyle. Using the concept of “zero” (or “kuu” in Japanese), which transcends from ancient Buddhism philosophy as guiding principles, we are compiling inspiring success stories and efforts developing in many fields that minimize external help – materially, financially, technologically or physiologically – to leverage peoples’ own abilities, capacities, creativity, passion and energy to achieve something unique that cannot be copied by the market mechanism, and to pursue deep satisfaction and long-lasting happiness.