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Tents: tiny house for modern nomads

The synchronicity of the tiny house and nomad movement may be telling us that it’s time to go back to the basics. It’s time to remember the spirit of the conic/triangular shape. Fortunately, with state-of-the-art technology, we can transform traditional tents into something more flexible and comfortable enough to fit in modern life style.
September 4, 2019/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

“So-an,” the 1000-year-old Zen tiny house

The tiny house was already a “choice” for some 1,000 years ago. In medieval Japan, people called their version of the tiny house 草庵 (so-an), “thatched hut" away from home. Practitioners of Buddhism, artists and/or wanderers created the “tiny house movement” and created so-an as a base for freer, ideal life.
August 9, 2019/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

Ancient civilizations in the Americas: mesmerizing power of “less is more”

“Less is more” is a design or aesthetic concept that reminds that additional frills do not necessarily guarantee beauty or happiness. But its principle, or the tension between “less” and “more,” is totally universal that it applies to everything people has done in history. Indeed, the conflict between the desire for "more" and "less," or the reservation toward it, has been what has made our history colorful and thriving on one hand, but violent and tragic on the other hand.
August 1, 2019/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

MUJI house nifty design ideas for small living

July 29, 2019/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

Kyoto Zen gardens

July 22, 2019/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

The many face of “shoji”

July 8, 2019/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net