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October 26, 2018/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

Toyo Ito Omishima Project: Omishima Minna-no-Winery

Architect Toyo Ito founded the Omishima Minna-no-Winery in 2015, an inspiring endeavor to convert abandoned orchards in a small, rural yet history-rich island in the Seto Naikai into vineyards, so that the relinquished assets can be transformed into new values and opportunities for the island.
October 8, 2018/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

The ZA-KOENJI Public Theater: Experience the swirling potential of performing arts

The ZA-KOENJI Public Theater was designed by Toyo Ito. It is a circus marquee suddenly emerged in the middle of urban Tokyo. Directed by legendary theater director Makoto Sato, the venue is offering a wide variety of performing arts and other events for local communities and beyond.
October 6, 2018/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

Rural is the new black: Toyo Ito Omishima Project

After decades of progressive endeavors exploring new opportunities of urban living by translating the “modern” in a unique way, Toyo Ito is going rural. And there is a profound reason behind this. You will discover how he's come to see the end of the modern system, and how he is finding a new future on the small island called Omishima in Western Japan, that still retains people's potential embraced by a unique local environment. Going rural is the new black beyond modernism.
September 24, 2018/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

Toyo Ito Omishima Project: Omishima Ikoi-no-Ie

大三島 憩の家 (Omishima Ikoi-no-Ie) is one of the few visitor accommodations in beautiful Omishima Island in Seto Naikai, Western Japan. Architect Toyo Ito is heavily involved in the revitalization activities in Omishima, and Ikoi-no-Ie is one of the flagship projects that renovated old elementary school.
September 17, 2018/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

The architecture of awe: Musashino Art University Library by Sou Fujimoto

Sou Fujimoto designed his own “Library of Babel” at the Musashino Art University. It is the architecture of awe - a mesmerizing world of duality materialized by a spiral forest that consists of books and the absence of books (empty bookcases).
August 30, 2018/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net