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MUJI Food and snacks: small meals extravaganza!

MUJI offers a large selection of food/snacks in Japan, which are like the minimalistic version of Trader Joe's. Packaged small to upgrade unfairly undervalued "eat alone" experiences, their rich flavors/aroma will lighten your busy day, "Umami" therapy - instead of aroma therapy - anyone?
April 6, 2019/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

Demystifying the “Japanese-ness” of KonMari method

While many people are excited about Marie Kondo’s “katazuke” (tidying-up) method, there are a certain number of people who disagre. If you are curious why people react to her so vehemently on both sides, it may help to understand the unique “Japanese-ness” she represents in the niche of decluttering. A hint: cleaning can be philosophical!
March 29, 2019/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

Irodori: where every grandma can be an entrepreneur

In a small, rural, nature-rich town in Shikoku Island in Western Japan, grandmas are busy running their “leaf” business. Some of them make six figures by growing trees whose leaves, buds and flowers are used to give finishing touches to authentic Japanese dishes. Find out the inspiring story of how a small, shrinking community boldly re-defined what entrepreneurship could mean, and leveraged old people’s knowledge/wisdom to live in harmony with nature as a competitive edge to trailbraze a new niche.
March 16, 2019/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

The “Less is more” Economy 6: Stories

Discover many inspiring stories that leverage “less” – our own abilities and resilience that were left behind, unnoticed by the current economy – to generate boundless satisfaction and happiness. Welcome to the world of the “Less is more” economy where we design our own happiness.
February 2, 2019/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

The “Less is more” Economy – design your own happiness.

In today’s divided and volatile world, we need an outside-the-box, upending of values in order to achieve happiness. 100 years after the Bauhaus, the “Less is more” economy explores an abundant and fulfilling life by moving away from material/financial excess in order to unleash our true potential. Good-bye to the draining and endless competition for “more,” and good-bye to economic efficiency. It’s time to embrace our inherent power and resilience to start designing our own happiness.
January 19, 2019/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net

The “Less is more” Economy 1: History of “Less is more”

Modern designers in the early 20th century embraced the notion of “less is more,” which revealed two sides of the same coin – the Jekyll-and-Hyde like character of “more,” and the surprisingly pure, natural and relatable quality of “less.” Find out how people’s relentless pursuit of economic growth often led to catastrophic results, and how people reacted to them resiliently to re-discover the power of “less.”
January 19, 2019/by mihoyofuji@comcast.net