Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement): no-cost, quarantine-friendly & therapeutic hobby

Ikebana, traditional Japanese flower arrangement, is an ideal quarantine-friendly hobby because it requires minimum amount of branches and/or flowers you can find in your backyard. With no costs, you can find your inner Zen and peace of mind.

History of Japanese aesthetics: Mono no aware, mujo, wabi-sabi and iki

Japanese aesthetics are known for its simple and minimalist design details and unique appreciation of natural beauty. There have been a couple of decisive moments in history that helped cement those qualities. “History of Japanese Aesthetics” reviews social backdrops of 1) Heian, 2) Kamakura, 3) Muromachi and 4) Edo period and discuss how they influenced the formation and crystallization of Japanese aesthetics.

History of Japanese aesthetics 3: Muromachi and wabi-sabi