Wabi-sabi for dummies

NBA’s China Crisis: Is Lebron James really a hypocrite?

After the NBA-China fallout, Mr.Silver said “Not sure where we’ll go from here.” Please stick to fundamentals, both philosophically and financially, because the global economy, including China, is about to go down. Things can get bad and harm all of us “financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” not just billionaire NBA players.

Toyo Ito Omishima Project: Omishima Minna-no-Winery

Architect Toyo Ito founded the Omishima Minna-no-Winery in 2015, an inspiring endeavor to convert abandoned orchards in a small, rural yet history-rich island in the Seto Naikai into vineyards, so that the relinquished assets can be transformed into new values and opportunities for the island.

The ZA-KOENJI Public Theater: Experience the swirling potential of performing arts

The ZA-KOENJI Public Theater was designed by Toyo Ito. It is a circus marquee suddenly emerged in the middle of urban Tokyo. Directed by legendary theater director Makoto Sato, the venue is offering a wide variety of performing arts and other events for local communities and beyond.